Monday, August 29, 2011

rain to the bow


The fruits of my and Garelles (that's Gary's new nickname) labour. We finally got it on our third attempt. Yay!!! In celebration of our lil sisters bday! It was delicious and everyone was totally wowed out of their pants when we sliced it up. Nice!

P.S. have y'all seen Jane Eyre? Flippen Schaboodle! If you're one who loves a good old period love story this bad boy is for you! I even sang a little song and did a little dance when it finished that's how happy it made me.



CityGirl said...

What a gorgeous cake!!!!! :) xx

Jessica said...

Thank you very much! It took 3 tries to get it right but we eventually did and it was delicious.

angie said...

wowzers guys, that is pretty f-ing amazing!