Friday, August 19, 2011


September 18th, 1994 - August 18th, 2011



Yesterday this amazing sunset welcomed our beloved Jethro into the heavens. I was 10 years old when my dad bought him home. I am a farm girl and have had many, many dogs but never one as outstanding as Jethro. He taught little Jack everything he knows about steeling balls and hiding under cars where he's unreachable. Haha. The tricks of the trade. Jethro is the reason I adore dogs the way I do and he gifted me so many precious memories; driving around in my dad's Nissan One Toner Bakkie (a truck) with him perched on my shoulders sharing an ice-cream on a hot summers day, heading to the dam for a weekend of fun. For some reason he had this rivalry with the pools broom, he would attach it and bite i,t and growl at it, I still don't know what the broom ever did to him but it was fun to watch him try put it in its place. Ridding on the boat and he jumped off just before we beached and we all got such a fright because we thought he had gone under the boat, he was fine in the end but non the less a heart wrenching moment. Jethro ridding on the knee board with my dad, fearless! There were these three dams on the property next door to us, we used to walk the dogs down there and let me tell ya, as soon as Fro Fro saw the glint of the water he would leave a huge dust cloud behind him, there was no stopping him! We would arrive five minutes later and there he would be happy as a piggie in poo, swimming around, panting like it was no bodies business, he would even dive after stones. I will miss his scruffy old hair, his happy bark but most of all his legend soul! A life well lived! Thank you dad for bringing him home and I am so deeply sorry for your loss, I know how much you loved him. Rest in piece lil' guy.


Lauren said...

Aw my friend. So sorry to hear this. Rest in peace little pup x

Jessica said...

Thanks La! You're always the sweetest!