Friday, April 29, 2011

i want to go to the seaside

Some snaps of our trip down to Durban to vist me pops over the Easter long weekend.
1. Whenever we drive into Durbs we head straight down to the coast and drive along the beach. We stopped off and Gaz snapped the first picture, a beautiful clear morning.
2. The half dead tree in my dads front garden. We always take photographs of it. Love the vignette the lens gave it.
3. Birdseye Chillies. We harvested a bunch to take home with us, had some finely chopped with garlic and olive oil on our pizza last night. Warmth was welcome, it sure is chillo's up here in Jo'burg.
4. Dad just back from a dive charter. We went out next and Gaz & I got so sea sick...
5. Crayfish on the braai. Divine. Even more so the next morning cold straight out the fridge - who woulda thought.
Always sad to leave but lovely to see my doggies again. We always receive the warmest welcome.
Another long weekend lies ahead of us and we are gonna kick it off tonight at Cool Running dancing our feet off to Desmond & the flippen TuTu's! NICE!
Happy Weekend Bitches!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

gorgeously haunting

I have a rather morbid obsession with death. Weird but true. Even more so of late thanks to an episode of Taboo about death and how different cultures view and deal with death. We have all lost someone special in our lives and if not we most certainly will. I remember seeing my first dead body. I honestly couldn’t do a thing but stand and stare. Grief, disbelief, fear, relief that she had battled her last battle and it was now over, societies influence; I don’t know how to explain my reaction but I just stood frozen… Staring…

Anyway I came across these amazing portraits on one of my favorite blogs Pandora. I find these images so gorgeously haunting. I just can’t stop staring at them. 

What makes it even better was finding out this tidbit of informing information when I Wikipediaed his butt,
“Mr. Henry Peach Robinson best known for his pioneering combination printing - joining multiple negatives to form a single image, the precursor to photomontage.

Thank you Mr. Henry Henry Pants for your amazing contribution to photography!

Henry Peach Robinson, Fading away (1858).

Henry Peach Robinson, The Lady of Shalott (1861).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the russian

You may have noticed the lack of posts, our camera got stolen in a night club. Theaving THIEVS!. We've borrowed one of my bff's camera for our trip down to the coast next week and we have been fighting over photo taking privileges. So far...


I am now gonna put me joddies on. Gaz & I are going on a photo taking expedition in the Northern Farm with le handsome horse. Here's hoping he's in a nice enough mood for us to take some bareback shots. This gloomy weather is such wonderful light but tends to make horses super frisky.
Happy Sunday y'all