Friday, November 26, 2010

wearing your heart on your tree

You have all seen the photographs from the bridal shower – the culmination of months of planning and work, fun work! Can you even call it work then? I love making pretty things with my hands - putting on a great CD and just getting lost in what I am doing is pure bliss.

To thank all the guests for coming I did little favors. I had a whole lot in mind when I first started – hair pins with pretty felt flowers, little note books covered in floral fabrics and the list goes on. I don’t actually know how I settled on these little ceramic hearts but I am so glad I did. They are meant to be little Christmas tree ornaments. I thought they fitted the theme of Alice in Wonderland perfectly (the Queen of Hearts) as well as Love – Mel is getting married after all and Christmas is a time for love and family. All ties in beautifully.

I am very lucky to have a mom who is a potter and she did most of the work in making these little beauties but I did help and I learnt a lot.


Anonymous said...

Yeah my sweet child, we had fun.

Jess said...

hehe! we sure did.