Sunday, November 14, 2010

paint on your face

We just finished painting our lounge. I feel high. My house looks likes a bomb hit it and I have just discovered a blister on my finger. So worth it. We went with a really light grey as the main colour and a really dark grey for the feature wall. It looks awesome. I have also started packing the boxes with all the paraphernalia for Mel's bridal shower NEXT WEEKEND! Dam time has gone by so super fast!!! I hope y'all had an awesome amazo weekend!


Lauren said...

Flip, what a weekend. You guys make me laugh with your expressions in the last pic! Have fun at the shower x

Jess said...

You're telling me :) Man can I feel it in every muscle in my body. Hehe it is pretty funny - that's why I posted it. Have an amazo week friend!