Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Alice!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope y'all had an amazo weekend! I know I sure did, the day finally friggen arrived... The one I had been planning since Craig popped the question back in February. I dunno, maybe you heard me mention something sometime... It was gorgeous to say the least and I am so chuffed I can finally spill the beans. It's been an amazing creative journey which allowed me to loose myself in my own imagination and get utterly carried away. I had Mel in mind the whole time of course and a lot of help - I reckon that's probably why it worked out so figgen well. It suited her everything down her stockings.

Without further delay, here are some gorgeous photographs taken lovingly by my sister from another mister, Chantie Pantie. Yes I really use cheesy lines like that all of the time
; )

We spent the afternoon celebrating in true Mad Hatters style, we were then chauffeur around for the eveing in a totally plush limo bus - dinner & pink cocktails first then dancing. Those photo's to follow, some "How To's" and even a peek at what our silly boys got up to : )


Lauren said...

Oh that is so awesome! Well done such an awesome job x

Mel said...

AMAZING my favourite poo face in the whole world. The day surpassed my wildest dreams. You rock more than anything in this universe.

Jess said...

Thanks La! It was really awesome and I am so proud of myself!

It was a pleasure my friend. I am so happy you had such a wonderful time - that really was the intention :)

Katyha said...

Looks like fun and pink cocktails? how could you not have an amazing time

Jess said...

It was the best time. Thanks for stopping by. : )