Tuesday, November 2, 2010

never to busy for photographs

clouds to the right

a ghost of her

back yard - the rain makes them super clear

I always said I love clouds

pink rose

his bangle



u can't quite explain the feeling


the Dykes - foolish girls

It's the Moooovembbberrrr!
& bridal shower month!
Oh yes sirree indeedio mmmhhhhmmm!
Can you say"excited"?
Can you say "biz-to-the-EEEE"?
The wedding is a mer 5 weekends away!!!
Never mind the fact that basically every person I know decided to be born at this time of year!
Throw a baby shower and a bit of JollyJolly into the mix and you start to get how insane my shit is right now.
Please forgive the utter lack of postage.
I promise I will try.
Know this after December 11th there shall be an abundance.
Yes. Okay. Bye.

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