Monday, September 20, 2010

who's a clever photo taker person?

Yes it is the Gary. 10 points to you!!! hehe. Such an eye!

So yesterday we went for a hike in the Northern Farm to "Fish Eagle Lake". It was so much fun - well sorta. If you don't count:
1. Gary's food mood (men???)
2. the fact that we choose the time of day that the sun is directly above us (um can you say "Thanks bob for sunscreen"?)
3. And the fact the ticket lady was held up the day before!!! So when the security guard stopped to ask if we were taking photo's I freaked-the-flip-out and I walked back to the car so darn fast that I think I could have broken a speed walking record. Gaz was so sweet he eventually broke into run and went a head to fetch the car. It totally felt like something outta an adventure/horror movie! Totally used my adrenaline just like Bear says you should. hahaha!


Mel said...

Amazing of the zazing!

Kyle said...

Lovely photos guys!

Constar said...

so beautiful!

Lady Times said...

he is such a clever ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!!