Saturday, August 7, 2010

i believe you haven't met

This, everybody, is my old girl. Exceptionally intelligent, highly pedigreed and so loyal it makes me crazy at times.

Sweetpea - Princess of the Universe!

I literally walk out the gate, then straight back in, Sweety watching me all the time. On re-entry she will jump a meter in the air with excitement, up and down, and, up and down!

My dad got her for me at the end of std. 9. I had been begging for a puppy of my own for months. So one day my dad and stepmom get home late afternoon. My stepmom comes inside and says that I am in big trouble and my father is waiting in the car for me. I reluctantly make my way to the passenger door and open it. I try sit down and he's all "No. No. No.!!!" I move his jersey, i still remember the colours, and there lies my biggest fan. Tiny and nervous and heartbreakingly gorgeous.

It was curtains for me at that very moment.

She is my oldest dog, my very first and I think the reason I have never written or shared her is because she is an uber personal part of my life - possibly an appendage.

Gaz and I are going on a ride now, now. Very exciting. Have an awesome time, whatever you're up to!!!


Lauren said...

She is so adorable. I just love dogs and hearing people's dog stories. Sweeeet man!

kyle said...

Sweeeet Pea i miss you licking my toes!

Lady Times said...