Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i have a blue heart with streaks of purple in some places

I finally finished it. Well nearly. I am contemplating adding white pen or pastel accents. This is my first mixed media piece inspired by Jessica Doyle. I used black fine tip felt pens and Windsor & Newton water colour paints. It's taken me flippen ages to finish this bad boy. Can't wait to frame it. It will look lovely on our wall.

Lovely weekend. Hope you all had a nice time too!

wintry splendor

This is just a small section of the magical Northern Farm.
We hacked out for three hours this morning. Spotted fish eagle, black crested eagle, monkeys and hippo spray. Did a river crossing. Asfa kicked Zulu, Zulu kicked Rene. We got lost and relied on Zulu to find the trail. Great little adventure I tell. Nothing quite like a bit of adrenaline in the morning!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here is my handsome horse being cheeky, he had Gray in hysterics and begging him to do it over and over again. All he cares for are carrots and of course me! as seen below being totally angelic and loveable.

We had such a lovely weekend. I cooked the perfect steak on Friday evening which we enjoyed with a salad and some CousCous. Saturday morning I went riding real early then Gaz & I joined our fabulous friends @Monte Wine Bar for the Germany vs. Argentina game. My team unfortunately lost, lucky I am a good loser. Some English fans got a bit touchy with us ladies and ended up in a fisticuffs with our boyfriends. Sunday Gaz & I went to shopping, went to visit handsome face above (way to hungover to even contemplate riding his naughty self), had an avi-sleep, woke up to the most decadent casseroled chicken (falling off the bone) and chunky mash, then went on an impromptu date with my very handsome boyfriend to watch a movie.

Very excited! Package should be arriving soon!