Thursday, June 10, 2010

Helloooo John Travolta! Helooo-ooo!

He just landed moments ago in his private Boeing 707, piloted - of course - by himself, with his wife and daughter! I know they are very zoomed but the terminal was packed and I don't have apron access. This is the best I could do people. So exciting! EEEK. American vice president next. hehe!

Check the terminal building with the press everywhere and the people crammed in glass balcony. Glad I was where I was! I was later told a journalist got pushed off the balcony and smashed his camera.

The cops and their massive machine guns - i mean come on! Do we honestly need to scare the hell out of our guests!

Just to give you an idea of how far away I was... :(

People on the tower hoping for a glimpse!

There he is - Hellooo John!!!! Helloooo! eeeehehehe!

Helping his wife out - ever the gentleman!

waving some more!

Police with machine gun escort into the building and I'm sure to where ever they are staying.

Bye John - it was lovely to see you even if it was from a distance!


Mel said...

DUDE. I'd freak the eff out!

Lady Times said...

HeHe. So did I!

Lauren said...

Haha, that's so cool! You saw John Travolta, nice one!