Monday, May 17, 2010

So many handsome fellas

Well this handsome's name is Asfa and man am I in love. Even though I have blisters between my fingers, a ripped shirt and bruise where he bit me yesterday. I recon he just got bored, wanted another carrot and so he just tried to grab my shirt and say "Hey lady give me food!" hehe. Silly guy. He is such a character. In the arena you can't get him going, lazy and uninterested but on an outride he thinks it's the races. He bucked me three times yesterday, reared up and kept biting the horse in front of him. He just wants to go, that's why I have a blister the size of a 10 cent coin in between my fingers. Next time I think I'll get there an hour before and work him so he calms down and wear my lumo green gloves. Sure makes for an adventurous ride though.

So on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday we have pony camp. Mel & I have taken leave and man do I feel like a twelve year old all over again!

Gaz came with last Sunday and I just have to say thanks to him for the lovely photo's! The three above are some he snapped other than the horses. He is such a clever handsome! Lucky me ♥

Sorry the last couple of posts have only been about horses but that's been my life of late.

One thing I am so super excited about is The Package Project. I got my e-mail from my partner. Her name is Maddie, check her blog out here.

Here is a pic of our new bedroom and my other handsome, naughty, pork sausage, Jack being cute.


Lauren said...

Thanks for grabbing a button sweet! That little Jack Porkie is too cute! I'm also super pscyhed for the Package Project, sweet Nadia did such a great job matching everyone up. Take care of those digits now. x

Lady Times said...

It's only a pleasure, just like your Gloss'. I flippen love those stockings and feel so strongly about them. yes i do. heeee. ; )
You can say that again, lil miss Maddie sounds so uber awesome I cant wait till we've set a date. I think she matched us perfectly!
Thanks, I will La! Gloves from now on.

Mel said...

Pony camp, pony camp pony camp. pony camp. le pony le camp. pony camp pony camp pony camp pony camp.

pony in the camp. camp pony. pony pony. camp camp.

angie said...

nice quilt.... and puppy hee

Mr Potta said...

that puppy is a shit and the shit, his new name is _Fat Bastard_ hahaha!

Anonymous said...

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