Monday, May 31, 2010

a cake day @ Wolves

gaz & ky had "excuse me sir, but there's a moustache in my hot chocolate"
ky also had a hot chocolate moustache. heeee.
all three of us had the roast beef sarnie and it was THE BEST i have ever had. true story. that's why there's no photo cause we hoovered it down so fast. mmm.
and the Pièce de résistance, the red velvet special for the birthday guy!
super happy face. and wonderful tea served in the prettiest china.
a view inside. after tea and cake we played uno. gary won three times in row. fun.
lovely shelves with wonderful things to look at and buy.
a little photo shoot in an idyllic setting. notice gazza's new jersey. it's country road merino wool with leather patches on the elbows. it was on special and he snapped it up. clever.
little rusty bunny.
wolves mugs for sale. ky got one with the conifer trees on. he has a conifer tree tattooed on his calf. he is such a tree lover.
helloo to you too!
beautiful tin. oh ja.
pretty horsies.
the menu framed oh so cleverly in a vintage frame and gaz with his limited edition desmond lp.
more amazingly pretty shelves. look at the wolves sculpture. clever.
on the house shooters. junipa.


Mr Potta said...

What a groovy groovy time!! man, what a roast beef sarmie, if not the best (sorry nu) We are def going there at least twice a month.

angie said...

haha looks like you guys had fun. i'm glad :)

Lauren said...

Ah cool, party at Wolves! Such great pics, that cake looks hella good! Happy Birthday Guy!

Lady Times said...

we so totally had the best time. man i am happy we finally got there. bit of a trek from our house but worth it in the end.

Thanks La! The cake was sooo good.