Thursday, April 29, 2010

sofa. true story.

So this my friends is our pretty new "Summertime Linen Coricraft" sofa. Man was this a mission to get - our big mistake as first time buyers was to pay upfront in full and man alive did we friggen wait. Apparently there was something wrong with the material and nobody had dained to tell us so on six weeks and no contact from Coricraft regarding delivery Gary called and was told we would had to wait ANOTHER four to six weeks - needless to say he kicked up a fuss and we were given the option of choosing another fabric at no extra charge and we could then take dilvery in two weeks!

This is where the universe proves that everything happens for a reason because literally days before I was watching an interior design programme and the clever lady was doing a family home with Jack Russell’s, who I happen to have two of myself, and she was saying how important it is to match your fabric to the colour of your dogs fur. Well was this lady right or was she just so friggen right! I had a navy blue couch before and it was hell! Now, no problem and we scored like a few thousand rand on the fabric change - So flippen amazo awesome its like eating Belgium Chocolate Haagen Dazs with cherries and whippet cream while riding the prettiest pony on top of rainbow. Wow!

I put the fairy lights from my birthday around our curtain (which will be changed to blinds in time) and put a lot of my art works up on the wall. I just wish we could paint but we don't know if we are going to be here much longer and it might be an expensive waist. Oh well. I will continue drawing and trying to cover the walls that way.

Here is Mr. Snuggle-pants himself all snuggled up on his new couch. He has a deep passionate love affair with this couch... Me too.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i love lamp

Hellooo all you pretties! i know, i know, it's been a while; Gaz & I have been so uber guber busy redecorating.

I will be posting some of the stuff we have done to our dilapidated little cottage over the next couple of days. So here's the first installment:

Remember these? Well here is the finished product. I totally intended these for my bedroom but they are huge! so for now one is in our lounge and the other in my studio. I think they turned out so awesome. They really are so special.

Well have a super duper day, the sun just popped it's head outta the clouds for the first time in days - now there's a reason to smile
: )

Monday, April 12, 2010

bunny hop run hop run. heeee!

In celebration of the stuff-your-face-with-chocolate-bunnies day our riding school had a dress up fast ride.

We dressed as bunnies and rode really fast on our ponies!

Most fun EVER!

Thanks to Mel for the pretty photo's!