Friday, March 5, 2010

surrounded by potters!

This everyone is one of the most awesome women in the world. My amazingly beautiful and artistically talented mother. Hi Mom...

So tomorrow I am going to do some pottery lessons, flippen finally. YAY! I am drawing inspiration from skermunkil and some of my favorite illustratorts Matte Stephens, Ally Moon and maybe a little Jessica Dooyle thrown in there for good measure.

Sunday morning is the weekly riding lesson - NICE! and then off to see the tailor for Mel's dress.

I hope you all have a super amzo weekend.

Here are some of my mamma's most recent works.

HUGE love!


Lauren said...

How cool is your mom!!! Love the tie dye! Hello Jess's mom!

Mel said...

I heart your mom too, and my pot, which I forgot... IDIOT!


Lady Times said...

She is sooo awesome.
Mel - you are a banana! You can get it on Saturday, yes?

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