Thursday, February 4, 2010

a new do.

I am sorry I haven't posted in a while but life has been a whirl wind the past couple of weeks. Two words: sleep deprived!

This weekend that passed was insanely amazing. so much happened:

1. Thursday night: Andrew & Kristin are home for the first time in 5years.
2. Friday Morning: Gaz & I both got new hairdo's.
3. Saturday & Night: Shopped till we dropped. Mel & I were educated on a new level about sushi
and sake KAMPAI! I bought that fabulous frilly top you see above & then we went dancing
dancing to drum&bass at the woods.
4. Sunday: Mel & I went for our first Western riding lesson, flippen FUN! I slept and then went
to a braai at Cindy's house.

Then it was Andrews birthday on Tuesday. I cooked a fabulous dinner, of our famous veggie pasta, salad and Italian loaf, and set the table outside with loads of candles. I also baked cupcakes. It really is a sin not to eat cake on your birthday. We played 30 seconds by candle light under the stars and drank lots of red wine. SUPER? You bet!


Lauren said...

30 seconds under the stars, new single for 30 seconds to mars? Sounds like you've been busy but happy!

Lady Times said...

Yes, very busy and uber happy. Andrew is my best guy friend on planet earth next to gaz & my brother and I haven't seen him in 5yrs. Plus he got married overseas and we FINALLY got to meet his most awesome wife. It was great. I was so hung on Firday morning I actually threw up on the side of the road. First time that's ever happened to me. I blame cool runnings fish bowls!!! Then I had to sit for 4hrs having my hair done. It was insane! But so totally worth it.

Lauren said...

Fish bowls, hahaha! I know them to well, ah shame man, hehe