Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i'm sorry but do I know you?

Yip, that is how long it's been. What can I tell you, I've just been uninspired. I think it's because we FINALLY got DSTV and now instead of being creative I have become a couch potatoe. Not good.

Also my flippen dinosaur of computer has decide to take an indefinite sleep. She just does not wanna wake up. I am starting to think we should have spent Gary's tax refund on a new computer instead of everything else we bought. But as old Murph goes, she only fell asleep after we got all the other goodies - I miss the digital world that used to be at my fingertips. Sigh.

However I am happy to inform you, I am so starting to get the creative itch back. My "love tree" is starting to whisper in my ear, "finish me". I think I might start this evening. Maybe even have a nice little post for tomorrow - no promises though. The evil DSTV might persuade me otherwise. hehe. Don't judge me ok. YOU live with stinky etv and the trilogy that is SABC for 5 effing years. NOT COOL for viewing pleasure but definitely beneficial for ones creative side.

As you all must have heard by now, Mel & Craig got engaged!!! EEEEK! I am so flippen excited. Guess who the "Maid of Honor" is? Even more excited. This, my friends, is a Virgos paradise. DUDE! I have a kitchen tea to plan and it's gonna be off the hinges. Can I hear a "HELLZ YEAH"! Even better I get to show off all my knowledge off wedding shit. I know I'm crazy. I have had my wedding planned since before I could even spell "wedding". YESSSSS! All I can say is, so far Mel has impeccable taste and this is gonna be the sweetest wedding I have ever been to. ONE HUNDRED AND TEN THOUSAND VOLTS AMPED!

Speaking of Mel, she totally bought me first Jan Austen. Dam, it's a tough read (i can only do like two chapters at a time) but so flippen fascinating. I love all the social etiquette and language, like "chuses" or "to-morrow", makes me giggle.

Well that's it form me, for now.

la Mer, flow & lalala


Lauren said...

Hahaha, I don't judge you! I think I popped a bottle of champers when we got our DSTV. Since cancelled it in favour of uncapped internet though. How lovely about Mel's engagement, hellz yeah! Enjoy the telly sweets! x

Lady Times said...

Thanks and why in flip didn't I think of that! UNCAPPED INTERNET - dude don't I wish. Maybe after next years tax refund.

It's sooo awesome amazing. I am so flappen excited.

Thanks La Face!

Lauren said...

Loving the new look doll face, haha!

Mel said...

eeek! A post! Happpy Happy am I. Love you poo!

PS, glad you rocking that DSTV, it's about time!

Lady Times said...

thanks La - you of all people understand the need for change. I just can't have things the same forever. Gets real boring. I decided to go for something simpler so you all wouldn't strain your eyes anymore.

Smellers - I knew you would be chuffed. See you Sunday for a bit of horsing around. Jeez last Sundays lesson was a bit grueling. My legs were like jelly afterwards! But I must say I am very much looking forward to Sundays out ride. Yess. Loads of Double Clicks! NICE.