Friday, February 26, 2010

Angelika you make my ears happy

If y’all don’t know this handsome then let me introduce you. His name is Devendra Banhart and I cannot stop singing his song “Angelika”. It’s so insanely gorgeous and like nothing I have ever heard before. As always I have my brother, Kyle, to thank for the enlightenment.

Pitchfork describes it as, “…a fragile acoustic come-on that doesn't sacrifice lyrical weirdness for smoothness…Or at least that's how the first half of "Angelika" sounds. After that, it lurches unexpectedly into a Latin beat, with Devendra singing in Spanish over showy jazz piano flourishes.

No words. You have to listen to it for yourself.

Devendra’s My Space

Pitchfork link – you can listen to Angelika here.

Have a super weekend!

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