Wednesday, January 6, 2010

um. holy sack ballz should sum this one up...

Here it is, the long awaited and overdue post, as promised. I have to start at the begging. Sort of. I say sort of because the begging was actually when we went riding for Mel & Gazza’s birthday but I already posted about that so this is next in the long line of amazing adventures we had.

Gazza’s end of year function

We all met at this really amazing guest house in Hartebespoort, waiting around for Gazza’s boss to arrive (little did we know that he was already on the boat), Mel and I needed to pee so we went inside. The first photo on the right is one of the entrance hall. Mel only managed to get two photies because the owner got a bit snippy when she started snapping. It was full of antiques and art and beautiful, old photographs and illustrations. Breathtaking – You bet yer ass it was! *in a full on Magda accent from Something about Mary* I’m all – are you getting this Mel!

Here we are on the boat, the always necessary sunscreen. After lunch and copious amounts of drink a little dancing ensued.

MAN OVER BOARD! No not reaaly, they were just horsing around. In the second photo too but they really did “All fall down”

Um, can you say, smashed, inebriated, hammered, Spanish? Look I’m even posing for a photo whilst cleaning the effing toilet. At least I’m hygienic when pooza yeah? I actually really love that photo, it reminds me of a 40’s pin up girl poster advertising how to be a good wife and mother – sort of…
After we disembarked we headed through the bridge and to a local pub. Round this time becomes rather blurry. I know while stuck in traffic, Mel & I hopped out and tried to make toilet on the side of a really steep mountain, which we promptly fell down and got stung by stinging nettles. Then we had to chase after the boys cause traffic had been moving the whole time. I almost DIED!

And then I slept, in Mel’s delicious bosom. What a flippen fun day. Couldn’t do it everyday.

I did learn a few things though:
Don’t be drunk in traffis
Don’t try pee on the side of really steep mountains.
I really need to get fitter. That run almost killed me.
Mel’s boobs are flippen lovely to catch a nap on.

Photo credits, Mel from Dirtyunknown.


Mr Potta said...

What a jol, was too much Phuza tho, SIS!!!

Lauren said...

Haha, holiday bog cleaning! Loves it

Lady Times said...

Sis is right! Too dam right. I dont ever wanna be that drunk again in my life. Shat.

Flippen funny photo! Makes me simle and giggle.

Mel said...

hahahahah.. never pee on the side of really steep mountains! DUDE!!!! That was so effing stupid!

Man that day rocked! Too much!

What an awesome post.... but i'm hungry for some Durban scoop.

You poop.

Lady Times said...

it's coming, it's coming. But I have to start from the beginning. I have to follow the sequence, yeah!