Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TwentyZen - it's gonna be flippen sweet!

Happy New Year to all you lublies! I hope you all had a fabulistic holiday. I sure did. Dam I so wish I could be on holiday indefinitely but saying that I am truly happy to be home.
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We got home at 10 on Saturday and I totally vegged for the whole of Sunday, so no time to organise a post. I planned to do it last night but ended up going to see one of my very good friends Chan before she went back home to Cape Town. Hells Bells! What's a girl to do? So here is my remody, a slap dash. Jammer Jammer.
I will have a post tomorrow of the totally aaaasem adventure that was our holiday. Road tripping with my boys, my blue find x 2 - eeek, the Jolly Jolly, New Years, flippen amazing books and what I hope this fantastic year will bring.
So helloooo to you all and welcome back!


Mr Potta said...

It is going to rule face!!!!
Oh yes, its going to be an eventful year!!!
Love you noodle!!

Being Brazen said...

Happy New Year to you too :)

I have a good feeling about this year too

Ps - I have a new giveaway up

Mr Potta said...

hi Brazen, I totally entered the give away, those are the sweetest T's ever!! Hope i maybe win!!! Holding thumbs!!

Mel said...

I can NOT wait for that post