Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Holly sack ballz! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Is your heart beating a little, ok aaaa lot, faster? Dam it why oh why. These lovelies are by a label called SMYTHE. I really, really want one, no make that all of these. They really appeal to my horsey-loves-everything-English side! SMYTHE do not sell to the public but you can pick these beauties up in rather exclusive department stores and their on line shops ranging from plus minus $765. That is way out of my budget! Find me a seamstress NOW!


Lauren said...

Hahaha! Holy Mother of Pearl those blazers are fierce! x

Mel said...

ya dude, they are so fitted, with the like angular cut at the bottom, that goes just far enough down to be so damn sexy.

oh freaks. i gots to get me one of these please!

Lady Times said...

They are based on riding jackets. ooooo i lurv horse couture!