Friday, January 8, 2010

road trippin...

So after the craziness that was Christmas shopping, wrapping, doing the mountain of washing so we could be clothed on our holiday, cleaning our little cottage that looked like a bomb had hit it and making padkos we finally fell into bed for a few hours of well deserved sleep before we departed at 3 o'clock in the morning.

We took a scenic drive watching the sunrise and stopping off at a few really awesome places.

This photo was taken on the side of the road going up Van Reenen's Pass. We pulled over at a viewing point on the side of the road. The clouds were exactly level with us and I just could not pass up a photo like this - we all know how much I love clouds. So magical!

We then stopped off at this sweet little church which Gary has always thought to be the worlds smallest church. After some googleing I discovered that it actually isn't. It has a lovely garden surrounding it and a small cemetery. There is this beautiful arbor that is over grown with creepers. The sun was just coming up and I got this lovely photo be for we walked through to this breathtaking field of wild flowers and the view of the mountains beyond.
Here's a bit of info from Wikipedia about this sweet little church:
LLandaff Oratory is an oratory in Van Reenen, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. The oratory was built by Maynard Mathews in memory of his son Llandaff Mathew who died while saving the lives of 8 co-workers at the Burnside Colliery mine on 19 March 1925.
Initially Maynard Mathews wanted to erect a plaque in honour of his son at the Roman Catholic church in Ladysmith
, but could not secure permission to do so. Determined that a memorial to his son will be placed in a church, Maynard decided to build his own, have it consecrated a Catholic Church and become a priest himself (he was ordained into the Order of St Dominic on 7 May 1926)
The oratory seats just eight people, apparently the same number of people Llandaff saved in the mine accident and is architecturally based on a wing of the Cardiff Cathedral in Wales.
The LLandaff Oratory is a National Monument.

The wild flowers.

The cross really put a lump in my throat. Shame, no one even knew his name, how would they have told his family...

Then we stopped at the Howick Falls a 300ft drop! Beautiful. The last photo is of the tree and the veiw in my dad's garden. We finally arrived! Let the holidaying begin! Yessssss!

Here is a gif I put together of a few photo's from the road trip! - It's too flippen BIG! I will have to make it smaller and reload later. But you can sort of see...
Thanks to Nicole from a photo a day's awesome instructions I can FINALLY upload -YIPEEE!
Thank you clever Nicole


Mr Potta said...

What a great holiday, Im sorry about the "Smallest church" thats what the sign says??? Haha, it is so pritty tho, just have to stop there everytime, and now we know the origins, we have to stop there every time!!! Awesome stuff noodle!!
♥ u

Mr Potta said...
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nicoleshmicole said...

Pleasure:) hope you get it smaller.