Thursday, January 7, 2010

rush rush rush

Before we could leave on our long anticipated holeeeday we had the craziness that was cleaning and washing and packing and Christmas shopping, mind you not that I had much shopping to do because I made almost everyone a canvas but I still had to brave the madness and get frames, wrapping paper & all the odds and ends needed before one leaves on an epic holiday.

I can tell you, I felt so crazy rushed dudes and I really like to take my time when making pretty. I really would have loved to photograph all my work and finished product but there was NO TIME. So the best I can show you is one of the framed long canvas’s I did for Gary’s mom & dad. The photo was taken at Gary's mom's birthday last year. They were doing the dance as you can well see. BEAUTIFUL!

I decide to print out and use the Christmas tags I designed and used them as the base for the rapping. I recon they turned out super pretty.