Wednesday, January 27, 2010

and the winner is

The Nic Dinnie Trio
They were amazing. Take a listen on their my space page!
The lead singer from the Nic Dinnie Trio gave us 3 tickets to go and watch them in a competition. It was sooooo fun. I am awful glad they won because they really deserved to. Stefan Dixon also ruled flippen face.

This special music guy is Stefan Dixon and he was mind blowing!He had this little machine and would drum a little tune on his guitar and record it, the strum a few strings and record it. then he would get the beat going and start playing his guitar and singing. He was so cool. Watch out for him! Serious!

YellowFlag - uuuuummmm.hehe, that's mean but ja, the didn't really bring the magic!

It was super fun. YAY!


Mel said...

i never get invited to the cool parties :(

Just jokes. i love you, and you are cool.

Mr Potta said...

Nic has got to much skill!!

Lady Times said...

Meleshe, yes you DO! Best you said "just jokes"...
Bebe he totally does. some serious skill!