Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Holly sack ballz! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Is your heart beating a little, ok aaaa lot, faster? Dam it why oh why. These lovelies are by a label called SMYTHE. I really, really want one, no make that all of these. They really appeal to my horsey-loves-everything-English side! SMYTHE do not sell to the public but you can pick these beauties up in rather exclusive department stores and their on line shops ranging from plus minus $765. That is way out of my budget! Find me a seamstress NOW!


red light - very forgiving!

and the winner is

The Nic Dinnie Trio
They were amazing. Take a listen on their my space page!
The lead singer from the Nic Dinnie Trio gave us 3 tickets to go and watch them in a competition. It was sooooo fun. I am awful glad they won because they really deserved to. Stefan Dixon also ruled flippen face.

This special music guy is Stefan Dixon and he was mind blowing!He had this little machine and would drum a little tune on his guitar and record it, the strum a few strings and record it. then he would get the beat going and start playing his guitar and singing. He was so cool. Watch out for him! Serious!

YellowFlag - uuuuummmm.hehe, that's mean but ja, the didn't really bring the magic!

It was super fun. YAY!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

again again

We totally did it again. Went riding through the sugar cane and went to beach bums for lunch. And again it was so much fun!

Monday, January 18, 2010

mmmm, nom nom nom

We made these lovely confectioneries last weekend. The cake was from Lucky Pony and the Crunchies my mom's secret recipe.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

it's my favorite colour

This is one of the pretty blue things I acquired while on holiday. I picked this up at the Stables Flea Market for a massive R65.00.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cookies fortune

A few days before we left on holiday Gaz & I went to our usual sushi takeout. Gaz got a cookies fortune and look what it said! UBER GUBER! I'm gonna stick it on my memory desk.

dead but alive and still flippen beautiful

I am so flippen in♥ with this tree. It got struck by lightning and is dead on top but alive at the bottom. It really is so foreboding. Here's an instant taken with the fisheye.

names that sparkle

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had an uber lazy weekend and just couldn't bring myself to sit down infront of the computer...

Here are some sweet photo's the boys took playing around with shutter speed on our first night in Durbs.

After many tries Gaz got his name perfect, he even managed a full stop! He was using a lighter.

Tryna give himself boobs and a face using a sparkler. I think the lighter worked better cause you can turn it on and off. No continuous flow.

Ky got his name first time! NICE!

Friday, January 8, 2010

road trippin...

So after the craziness that was Christmas shopping, wrapping, doing the mountain of washing so we could be clothed on our holiday, cleaning our little cottage that looked like a bomb had hit it and making padkos we finally fell into bed for a few hours of well deserved sleep before we departed at 3 o'clock in the morning.

We took a scenic drive watching the sunrise and stopping off at a few really awesome places.

This photo was taken on the side of the road going up Van Reenen's Pass. We pulled over at a viewing point on the side of the road. The clouds were exactly level with us and I just could not pass up a photo like this - we all know how much I love clouds. So magical!

We then stopped off at this sweet little church which Gary has always thought to be the worlds smallest church. After some googleing I discovered that it actually isn't. It has a lovely garden surrounding it and a small cemetery. There is this beautiful arbor that is over grown with creepers. The sun was just coming up and I got this lovely photo be for we walked through to this breathtaking field of wild flowers and the view of the mountains beyond.
Here's a bit of info from Wikipedia about this sweet little church:
LLandaff Oratory is an oratory in Van Reenen, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. The oratory was built by Maynard Mathews in memory of his son Llandaff Mathew who died while saving the lives of 8 co-workers at the Burnside Colliery mine on 19 March 1925.
Initially Maynard Mathews wanted to erect a plaque in honour of his son at the Roman Catholic church in Ladysmith
, but could not secure permission to do so. Determined that a memorial to his son will be placed in a church, Maynard decided to build his own, have it consecrated a Catholic Church and become a priest himself (he was ordained into the Order of St Dominic on 7 May 1926)
The oratory seats just eight people, apparently the same number of people Llandaff saved in the mine accident and is architecturally based on a wing of the Cardiff Cathedral in Wales.
The LLandaff Oratory is a National Monument.

The wild flowers.

The cross really put a lump in my throat. Shame, no one even knew his name, how would they have told his family...

Then we stopped at the Howick Falls a 300ft drop! Beautiful. The last photo is of the tree and the veiw in my dad's garden. We finally arrived! Let the holidaying begin! Yessssss!

Here is a gif I put together of a few photo's from the road trip! - It's too flippen BIG! I will have to make it smaller and reload later. But you can sort of see...
Thanks to Nicole from a photo a day's awesome instructions I can FINALLY upload -YIPEEE!
Thank you clever Nicole

Thursday, January 7, 2010

rush rush rush

Before we could leave on our long anticipated holeeeday we had the craziness that was cleaning and washing and packing and Christmas shopping, mind you not that I had much shopping to do because I made almost everyone a canvas but I still had to brave the madness and get frames, wrapping paper & all the odds and ends needed before one leaves on an epic holiday.

I can tell you, I felt so crazy rushed dudes and I really like to take my time when making pretty. I really would have loved to photograph all my work and finished product but there was NO TIME. So the best I can show you is one of the framed long canvas’s I did for Gary’s mom & dad. The photo was taken at Gary's mom's birthday last year. They were doing the dance as you can well see. BEAUTIFUL!

I decide to print out and use the Christmas tags I designed and used them as the base for the rapping. I recon they turned out super pretty.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

um. holy sack ballz should sum this one up...

Here it is, the long awaited and overdue post, as promised. I have to start at the begging. Sort of. I say sort of because the begging was actually when we went riding for Mel & Gazza’s birthday but I already posted about that so this is next in the long line of amazing adventures we had.

Gazza’s end of year function

We all met at this really amazing guest house in Hartebespoort, waiting around for Gazza’s boss to arrive (little did we know that he was already on the boat), Mel and I needed to pee so we went inside. The first photo on the right is one of the entrance hall. Mel only managed to get two photies because the owner got a bit snippy when she started snapping. It was full of antiques and art and beautiful, old photographs and illustrations. Breathtaking – You bet yer ass it was! *in a full on Magda accent from Something about Mary* I’m all – are you getting this Mel!

Here we are on the boat, the always necessary sunscreen. After lunch and copious amounts of drink a little dancing ensued.

MAN OVER BOARD! No not reaaly, they were just horsing around. In the second photo too but they really did “All fall down”

Um, can you say, smashed, inebriated, hammered, Spanish? Look I’m even posing for a photo whilst cleaning the effing toilet. At least I’m hygienic when pooza yeah? I actually really love that photo, it reminds me of a 40’s pin up girl poster advertising how to be a good wife and mother – sort of…
After we disembarked we headed through the bridge and to a local pub. Round this time becomes rather blurry. I know while stuck in traffic, Mel & I hopped out and tried to make toilet on the side of a really steep mountain, which we promptly fell down and got stung by stinging nettles. Then we had to chase after the boys cause traffic had been moving the whole time. I almost DIED!

And then I slept, in Mel’s delicious bosom. What a flippen fun day. Couldn’t do it everyday.

I did learn a few things though:
Don’t be drunk in traffis
Don’t try pee on the side of really steep mountains.
I really need to get fitter. That run almost killed me.
Mel’s boobs are flippen lovely to catch a nap on.

Photo credits, Mel from Dirtyunknown.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TwentyZen - it's gonna be flippen sweet!

Happy New Year to all you lublies! I hope you all had a fabulistic holiday. I sure did. Dam I so wish I could be on holiday indefinitely but saying that I am truly happy to be home.
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We got home at 10 on Saturday and I totally vegged for the whole of Sunday, so no time to organise a post. I planned to do it last night but ended up going to see one of my very good friends Chan before she went back home to Cape Town. Hells Bells! What's a girl to do? So here is my remody, a slap dash. Jammer Jammer.
I will have a post tomorrow of the totally aaaasem adventure that was our holiday. Road tripping with my boys, my blue find x 2 - eeek, the Jolly Jolly, New Years, flippen amazing books and what I hope this fantastic year will bring.
So helloooo to you all and welcome back!