Wednesday, December 2, 2009

so i can read at night

A joint effort by my moms and me. Although she did most of the hard work - making the actual lamp bases from scratch. I did the little paintings. They are my new bedroom lamps. I love how they are so imperfect, odd but the same. Beautiful.

I'm gonna give them huge black lamp shades. I will post a picture when they are all together and sitting nicely next to my bed.

Thanks beautiful MOM!


Mr Potta said...

They so us and thats what makes them awesome!!! I like them!!!

Lady Times said...

me 3

Being Brazen said...

I like those - very cool

Lady Times said...

Thanks Brazen. I love them to. Can't wait till I get the lamp shades so I can finish them. You just can beat handmade stuff.