Monday, December 7, 2009

Ride 'em cowboys & girls! YEEE-HAAA

Joh, joh, joh, johhhh! We had the most fun this weekend I tell you. It was Gary & Mel’s birthday surprise! I planned for us all (Craig, Mel, Gaz, Kyle & I) to go on an early morning western style ride on the beautiful Northern Farm through SA Trails. FLIPPEN AMAZO!

On Saturday we woke up super early and waited for Craig & Mel to arrive (they almost got arrested on the way to our house for speeding but got of with a R200 bribe, phew – thanks bob for corrupt policeman hey?). Then we all piled into Craig’s car and set off for the Northern Farm.

Doc & Kati - Our Trail Leaders

We arrived and met Kati, one of the trail leaders, who swept us all off for an introduction into Western riding. After that we all set off on truly THE most breath taking ride I have ever been on.

I rode form the age 11 to 17, so a good six years and I have never been on ride that was so flippen beautiful. The Northern Farm is a nature reserve and as soon as you enter you know why. Beautiful huge trees, never ending green field, trickling streams, foliage covered dams with happy little duck families diving under the water and bubbling rivers! WOW!

Mel took me to the Voortrekker Monument last year as my Christmas present and she flippen loved every minute of it. Gaz has been bugging me for some time now and so I just decided it was time and boy did we have a jol. DO NOT ask how the hell I convinced Craig but he came and by the end of the ride he really was a regular old cowboy even singing cowboy songs.

Kyle had a superb time and is gonna come with Mel and I every month. But then Ky is my brother and also grew up riding horse.

Gaz thoroughly enjoy himself except he got a stubborn horse and you must know because that’s where the saying comes from, “As stubborn as a horse”, but non the less he had a super time and will definitely do it again.

Mel, just like last time, could not get enough. She is an animal lover like me and loves it through and through.

Heed this warning: HORSE RIDING = EXTREME BODLY PAIN for at least two days after. You really use muscles you never even knew you possessed.

I am super chuffed and am definitely going to go at least once a month until I can afford to bait a horse. Kati (the trail leader) said that once I get the hang of western riding (which is very different from English style and takes a quite a bit to get used to) I can become a trail leader to. Hells yeah is what I say. Dam, imagine getting paid for something you are so truly befok about!

And would you believe we didn’t get one photo of us on the horses! Can you say stuuupard?

Once we were done and had looked through the visitors book and signed it, we said our farewells to Kati and Doc, our trail leaders, and set off for the home of the chicken pie for the BEST chicken pies & lemon meringue under the African sky.

We gorged ourselves and just lay outside under the tree relaxing our tired and sore bodies. Mel and I fished out my bottle of bubbles and took some cool pic’s while chilling and later we had a braai and watched the Brothers Bloom and fell asleep.

Us chilling after our uber adventure.

Yesterday Gaz & went to his parents for a braai and I sunburnt the top part of my legs so bad. So so bad, so so so bad. But please don’t pity me. I am a flippen a-hole because I know what my skin is like and I didn’t put sun block on.

So today I am in so much pain. My entire body feels like on big funny bone and the skin on my legs feels like is going to snap because its soooo tight and HOT!

All in all, it was uber super cool!

How was everyone else naweek???


Mel said...

my weekend was as fun as your weekend. which was fun.uber fun. more fun than should be legally held on a weekend. NOOOOT! Lets do it again!

Lauren said...

Ouch! Some aftersun for you:)
Sounds like you guys had an epic time!

Lauren said...

Ouch! Some aftersun for you:)
Sounds like you guys had an epic time!

Lady Times said...

I totally had a very vinegary vinegar bath and have been piling the vitamin e cream on so thick at least three times a day. It’s looking and feeling so much better already. The heat has definitely subsided. And you know I am normally so pedantic about sunscreen because I have pommy skin – burns to fine crisp just at the mention of sun. I am a banana.
The weekend was truly one of the best I have EVER had and I’m so flippen chuffed that you, my Smellers, had as much fun as I did. That was the intention. So I am gonna book again for Saturday the 30th of Jan. Diaries my favorite friend! Yeeee-Haaaaaa!

Mr Potta said...

Lets do it again, just stretch before this time!!
very cool, thanks noodle!

Mel said...

the 30th of Jan it is. count me in like fred the bear.

Lady Times said...