Monday, November 30, 2009

why don't you come down to the woods today...

For my beloveds day of birth celebrations we went to Cat Pyjamas for nachos and then off to the woods to stomp holes into the floor to an awesome amount of Drum n Brass. It's good for you soul.

We took Lucy along. I am excited to see what fruits she'll bear us? We use 28mm film, so we'll get the teeth at the top and bottom of the photo's. Should be most awesome.

Ok, mean but funny story. We have a friend name Mark who is prematurely balled. Stefan (the middle photo below) pointed to the rabbit (first picture above) and said, "Look there's Marks hair!". Baaahahahahahaha. I almost wet myself.

The photo on the far right is us all chilling in the back of some unknown dude or dudets bakkie. Nice!
I LOVE the first photo. Kyle looking all unknowing & me all "OH the SHOCK-HORROR!"

Stef, Mel & Kyle all broken and ready to leave.


Lauren said...

Hee! Testing 1, 2, 3 :)

Lauren said...

Hurrah, it worked! Well let me take this opportunity to say fabulous blog and pics! Looks like you guys had a brilliant birthday celebration :)

Feral Eye said...

Testicles 1, 2, testicles 1, 2.
Hello is this thing on!!
Jeez i look a bit rough up against the wall there hey!!!
Good times ek se!!

Lady Times said...

Effin finally people. Thanks for the tip Lauren, now everybody can leave comments. ooooo, excited is.

Thanks for the complement. I flippen ♥ glossary sooo much.

Yeah for blogs, that's what I say.

Mr Potta said...

Yay!!! (Clap Clap)

Lady Times said...


Lauren said...

Ah you're too sweet. Mwah. Will be back to comment more. x

Anonymous said...

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