Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pretty patterns on her eyes and lips

I believe that we don't just have one soul mate. No. I believe we have many and they come in many shapes an sizes. Mel is one of my few soul mates. Our souls need each other. We will be forever friends. FOREVER!

Happy Birthday for tomorrow my Super-Zealous friend. I hope you have a superb year filled with loads of laughter, sunshine & all your dreams coming true. I love you tremendously.

Sorry the post is today but I couldn't hold out any longer. After all I have kept my mouth thoroughly shut about Saturday, have I not? I think I can allow myself this premature post.

A bit of an explanation behind this creation:
I wanted to do an illustration of this photo from my birthday of Mel for her birthday but alas I don't have any drawing paper left. I decided to do it on my pc. It turned out super cool. There is a plus side to digital and that definitely is patterns. Flip, I ♥ patterns so much. I could go crazy. I am now teaching myself to design my own seamless patterns. They are all pretty basic (as seen above) but you gotta start somewhere, yeah? See here & here & here for others - I have to say my fav so far is the cherry's.

Anyway, best wishes my beautiful friend, I hope you are super excited for Saturday!


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Mr Potta said...

So clever you are indeed!!!