Friday, October 2, 2009


Hey Ho Lets Go!
Ok, so I know that I haven’t posted in a while but I have been so super busy plus my silly old computer at home is having serious issues saving my photo’s onto my USB stick.

Sunday 20 September was my 25th birthday. We had a small family braai at my moms place in honor of the occasion as well as a farewell to my Great Uncle Bruce who was visiting from the UK. He had to depart at 16h00 so it had to be an early one! I live less than 5m from my mom’s house (lucky – I know) and I was not going to be late! So there I am at 11h00 saying to the boys (Gaz & Ky) hurry up we have to leave now. First Ky is all “Wait I cant find my camera.” Then Gaz is all, “I have to pee”, I said, “Pee when we get there, 30 seconds is not a long time to hold it.” Gaz comes out of the loo and Ky’s all “Wait I need to pee”. Hells bells! Then I walk out side and see the gate opening and low and behold there is my Bestest Estest Smellershe Schlaupscher & he Mr. Craigers in her new A4 (over achiever that one)
Q screaming.

I had a fabulous day. Loads of presents. Spoiled rotten! Awesome chicken al Joe (my step dad). Photo shoot. Chiffon Cake. Oh did I mention we baked ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO cup cakes. Yes you read right. 132.

O will post pics when stupid old computer decides to friends with my USB again.

Then on Wednesday last week we departed for Durb’s to go and see my beautiful dad. We had a most amazing time. My father is like any other 20 something. All his friends are my age. They all call him “Madala” and really look up to him. Gaz and I shopped on the Thursday. Friday we had a braai and got smashed. Saturday my dad wanted to give Gaz a go on his new KTM 300 and so he organized his riding buddy and all the mates and off we went for a jaunt through the sugar cane fields up to “Beach Bums” and back home for another braai. Sunday we spent the day at the Durban Undersea Club (members only) drinking Margaritas in the sun and watching the dolphins chase schools of fish in the coral reef. Heaven – I think so. Sadly we departed back home that evening.

Now that’s when the real craziness began. Tomorrow I am having a “Vintage Inspired” dinner party. I have planned everything down to a “T”, even timed the sunset!

Well I spent Monday night spring cleaning the inside of my cottage( thanks bob we did the outside the weekend of my bday). Gaz went shopping at builders for tables and lights and extension cords after work.. Kyle had to go and pick up my 40 candles. Of course being the OCD person I am I had to seat up a table with full dressing and we ate dinner there just to see what its going to be like. I had to pack everything away after…

Tuesday I sort of was stuck in limbo (because I don’t have a car) and just bossing Gaz around. He had to go get all non perishables and the booze.

Wednesday polished the silver & gave my stamp of approval to the most amazing playlist al'Kyle!!

Last night went to see my Nan. Craig went to collect my 20m of fairy lights. I went and raided my mom’s kitchen for platters. Put them, the wine glasses & shooter glasses through the dishwasher. Finished off all my photo props. And I slept. Hells Yeah! 12 hours straight. No waking up. I feel fantastic today. 2 weeks of no more the 4 hours is hell let me tell you! I just get too excited. On Monday night I had a nightmare about cup cakes – CUP CAKES!!!

Well tomorrow is the big day and I am so excited and I can hardly contain myself.

So in honor of the way I have been feel for the past two weeks here is today’s “WORD”


1. overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited: The award winner was in an ebullient mood at the dinner in her honor.
2. bubbling up like a boiling liquid.

"Ebullient" is a way awesome word. Better than excitement.

This pictures is called, "Marcelline" by, "taylorsmith" via deviantART.

This is so how I feel. The last leg. YAYNESS!!!

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