Friday, October 9, 2009

they know all about my sugarcane...

On the Saturday my dad wanted to give Gaz a go on his bike. The crowd was rounded up and the two bikes were loaded with three 4x4’s following suite, we set off for the cane fields.

What I day. We followed the bikes through the cane, stopped at a huge sand quarry where Gaz switched with my dad and carried onto a little pub on the beach aptly named BeachBums. We all had a drink then and set off home.

So much fun!

Left to right:

Gaz going up a huge cane field hill. Dust face in the sand quarry & a classic shot of Al next to a “no bikes” sign.

The sea.

Left to right:

A ship wrecked just of the shore at Beach Bums. Beautiful shell of what must have been an awesome beach house. My dad on his boney.

The drivers and their faithful steeds sporting the classic “Captain” pose.

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