Wednesday, October 14, 2009

oooo, we popped Lucy's cherry. yes we did.

Everyone, this is Lucy. She is my new Diana F+ camera.

I follow a blog called a photo a day by Nicole Velleman. She takes amazing photographs with her Polaroid and Holga camera and I always wanted a Polaroid but the film is so rare. She did a post on the Diana with a link to lomography website. I checked it out and flip did I get excited. You can buy the Diana Deluxe Kit which has the Diana F+ camera, 7 lenses, 2 view finders and a flash. You have to buy the instant developer back separately. The big pull was the film is readily available, instant and regular.

So obviously I am super excited and call Gaz and am all, check out this site. So he did and found a shop in Cape Town, he called them and they referred him to a shop in Rosebank. He totally got me the camera for my birthday. Well it's actually a join present cause I'm not much of a photographer. So he takes the photos and I direct.

I really wanted this camera so I could make a memory desk. How you may ask? By taking a plain door and mounting it on two A Frames. I am gonna paint the door white, do an illustration of tree in the middle and fill in the rest with photographs, letters, postcards and memorabilia. I am such a sentimental fool. Then cover it with glass. AWESOME? You know it.

So here is one of the first photo's we took (I say "one of" because the first couple were a bit of a learning curve). I like this one a lot.

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