Thursday, October 8, 2009

La Mer, Flow and so much La La La

On Wednesday the 23rd of October at 18h00 we departed for Durbs. Every year around my birthday I get ants in my pants and NEED to see my dad. I lived with him when I was growing up and am a total daddy's girl. My father is clever as hell and behaves like an eighteen year old! Love him madly!

Anyhoo, here are a few snaps form our little adventure:

It is a tradition to go to Marine Parade when we are in Durbs. Gaz and I always go and sit at the Steers and have a banana milkshake.

Gaz & I doing a pose at U'Shaka against a way cool container. Love the Grey & blue!!

The new Moses Mabhida 2010 soccer stadium and a really colourful building in Durban City Center.

The banana tree in my dad's garden. Interesting fact. Banana tree's only flower once and then die that's why they grow in three's. The mature one that flowers and produces banana's, the middle aged one and the new baby one that's just sprouted from the seed. COOL! My dad told me that. I hope I got it right.

The second shot is of an old beautiful building in Durban City Center. It's going to be demolished. What a shame!!!

Tune in tomorrow for the second installment!


Anonymous said...

Banana tree's are also the only tree's that "walk"... Pity I didn't get to see you chicken licken, I was really looking forward to it, but at least you got to have an awesome time with your dad and me with mine. Might be coming to the big city in December though.... :) Love ya babes

Lauren said...

Cool banana story! And i also want a a banana milkshake now, yum!