Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today's WORD will be "Fracas".

I came across this word in my latest book, "Head over Heels" by Jill Mansel.
The extract:
"A diversion was created by William, at the bottom of the garden, emptying a bucket of sand over Lottie's head. Lottie screamed and gave him a resounding slap. William, grabbing handfuls of sand, flung them furiously in Lottie's face. Lili went to help Harriet separate them, thankful only that Hugh and Felicity weren't here to witness the fracas."

The online dictionary I use only gave me the history.

Word Origin & History - fracas

1727, from Fr. fracas, from It. fracasso "uproar, crash," from fracassare "to smash, crash, break in pieces," from fra, aphetic of L. infra "below" + It. cassare "to break," from L. quassare "to shake."

So here are some synonyms:
Quarrel, fight, brawl, mêlée, argument, disturbance & scuffle.

I couldn't find a good picture that depicted the word as much as I would have like so I am going to use one of the synonyms, quarrel.

This is the picture I found via Google.

"The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania" c. 1849
Sir Joseph Noel Paton

This was one of the very first images that came up when I typed in quarrel. I am totally infatuated with old England and Europe for that matter. I love the art, history, architecture, clothing, society, ev-ery-thing! So basically I didn't really have a choice.

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