Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JoBurg's Burning

What an amazing evening. JoBurg burning, six venues, 31 bands, a free shuttle service to drive the party goers around Melville and 5 of my best friends on planet earth. WOW!

This first pic is of the crammed shuttle bus. A classic JoBurg move - turn a sixteen seater into a thirty seater. I was crammed against the door in a standing position. Some on farted. I gagged aaa-lot. Give me a beating heart in my bare hands but DO NOT give me methane gas, excrement or vomit - sorry no can do.

The second pic is my beautiful Gary sitting chatting to the drummer of Black Pimping Jesus. He went to school with her. Love the drums and mural on the wall in the background.

Me, Chantie of the Pantie & Smellershe Schlaupscher. Pretty Shoes. I love shoeeeez!

Ky, my amazing boetie and the group photo.

Mel in total awe - looks like it anyhoo & the lead singer of Zebra & Giraffe. Awesome photo.

Zebra & Giraffe.

We got to Melville, headed straight to Roxies and had a very quick drink. Onto the shuttle and off to the Bohemian to catch the last of "Black Pimping Jesus". Then shuttled to Back2Basix for "The Black Hotels" and "Zebra & Girraffe". Shuttled off again to catch the end of "Taxi Violence". They were amazing, very energetic. Ky (my gentle bother) was marshing his behind off and fell over. His fellow marshers promptly picked him so he wouldn't get trampled. The sense of community I tell you.

A great night and novel idea! Thank you JoBurg Burning!!!

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