Wednesday, September 16, 2009

dinner party

ooooo. I am only but excited. It's my birthday on Sunday. Gaz said to me what do I want and I said a dinner party. Yip Yip. I have always wanted to do a proper dinner party. oooooooo.

So I am sorry for the lack of posts but I have been spending every spare minute arranging and sourcing and writing and and and.

I LOVE it. I am driving the boys MAD. I care not. It's my party and I can do what I want to.

Everything is planned perfectly and I just can't wait for October 3rd.

I will post pics of the fab evening.

la Mer, flow & lalala

1 comment:

Mr Potta said...

OCD, OCD, OCD!!! But thats why i loves you!!
Best pressie i could give you i guess ey???
You lead i pay!!! Ha ha!!
Its gonna rule!!