Thursday, August 13, 2009

extra Sunday & a heart shaped spud

Oh my soul I’m getting old! We went to Aruba for a bit of a patsy on Thursday evening. I just cannot do weeknights. Ga-ross. Thanks bob it was a long weekend and my favourite kind at that - on a Sunday, don’t you find yourself wishing for just one extra day? I do and we so had an extra Sunday this weekend! Thank you ladies! (SA public holiday – Women’s day) We watched so many movies, cooked so much amazing food, ate cupcakes and slept late for 3 days in a row! Here are some photos. Top right; Ky baked scrumptious cupcakes for my little brother Daniel cause he had to have an operation. Bless his soul. Top Left; we had a braai on Sunday and I was getting out some potatoes to make potatoe bake and found this heart-shaped spud. That’s a cactus (see here) and a potatoe I have discovered sporting heart shapes. Bottom Right; a flippen amazing photo of our flippen amazing snakers (sneakers for those who do not speak Jessica). Bottom Left; see through flames from our braai – awesome!

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