Monday, August 17, 2009

excuse me Mr. Hand, could you please do what your brain tells you?

I have been trying to teach my hand to draw pretty pictures. I haven't been able to practice in a while because I have been so ultra busy with two character illustrations (which I will post later this week).

So what I decided to do was choose an illustrator that I really liked, who had simple illustrations. I found this lady Ally Moon and have now successfully recreated two of her amazing drawings. I am so flippen proud of them.

This first one I called "Ella", i finished her a while ago (see here) and posted about it but the image quality was so rubbish cause I used a camera phone to photograph it. Isn't she so flippen lovely?

This was my next attempt, I finished it on Thursday evening. I dunno quite what to call it yet. Suggestions are welcome. It is my favorite by far.

These are two books I made pretty. The big one is our cook book. It's called "Lovely things to eat". Maybe we'll publish it one day. Heeee. The small one is my note book. I take it everywhere with me. As you can see it's named after my blog because it's basically my blog note book, for ideas that might spring upon me when I am nowhere near a computer. It's totally handy.


Gary said...

I think the tree should be called the wait for it...... "Tree of Awesomeness"

Mel said...

you can call it:

Jessica is talented and awesome and this is the tree she drew!