Friday, August 28, 2009


Word No.2


–adverb exactly the same words; word for word: to repeat something verbatim.
2.corresponding word for word to the original source or text: a verbatim record of the proceedings.
3.skilled at recording or noting down speeches, proceedings, etc., with word-for-word accuracy: a verbatim stenographer.

This photograph entitled, "non-verbatim" by an photographer called Dave Spertine. His work is amazing. Check him out.
Have a flippen amazing naweek everybody.
Much love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

clever hands = styling shoes

I have been wanting do this for ages now and I finally did. I went and bought these cheapies at Mr. Price for 49.95. AWESOME. I bought some permanent pens. EVEN MORE AWESOME! And look what my clever flippen hands did.

I drew the tree on the one and a bird from the top of the tree on the toe of the other.
Only problem is, I'm to scared to wear them in case I bugger 'em up...

Monday, August 24, 2009

forever & ever & ever

We had a fantastic weekend! Yes we did. It was my friend Tracey's birthday and we went to Cool Runnings. There were bands - need I say more? What a fabulous time. Gaz took this amazing photo of us. It is really rare that we ever get GOOD photo together. I love this one. I love the man smooching my cheek. He took a really funny pic of me when I was dancing, I was rather jolly and did a great pose. I'll post it later this week.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I am starting a weekly section, dedicated to the beauty of words. I am always hearing or reading words that are beautiful but I have no idea of their meaning. So in a bid to understand, I shall post a weekly word with a definition & a totally sweet picture of the search result after typing it into a search engine. Yes. I like this idea a lot.

First word shall be:


Use ambivalent in a Sentence –noun
1. uncertainty or fluctuation, esp. when caused by inability to make a choice or by a simultaneous desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things.
2. Psychology. the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action, simultaneously drawing him or her in opposite directions.

This drawing is called "Ambivalence-corquis" by an artist called "russ-artiste" on deviantART. He is a graphic painter. I love this piece. I am a huge fan of manga and animie. This piece puts vision to the word for today, don't you think?
The way she's suspended between black and white, night and day, neither here nor there. AWESOME!

Flipping hell I love art & words!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i ♥ this dog

Jack the biggest little man in the whole world.

klein boetie

This is Kyle.
Zenning the Zen.
WooooHoooo Ky!
I wish i was as cool as you...


Monday, August 17, 2009

clouds on the board

One of the things I truly love about this planet called earth is the clouds. I have millions of photographs of clouds that I intend to print and frame and have a whole cloud wall in my studio.

Sometimes we, Kyle, Gary & I, put on the Shins and get painting.

Kyle bought me the board for my birthday last year and Gary spray painted it but the spray paint was running out so it wasn't a flat colour all over the board. Because I love clouds so much I decided we should fill in the places where the spray paint was lighter with white spoofs of cloud. This is the product of our a combined effort. I love it. I love clouds. I'm gonna frame it and hang it in my house.

crazy eyes

would u mess with these crazy eyes?

Jeremiah makes me clever

One of my friends has her own web design company 123Media. The specialise in websites, not so much graphics. So she called me a little while ago with a spec. This is Jeremiah the bull frog. I had to design a baby version and a toddler.

I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it. But now I am so super proud of my clever self. Look:

This is Jeremiah the toddler & Jeremiah the baby. I did the toddler first and he took me 25 hours to redraw and colour. The baby, I did him second. He took about 5 hours to redraw and colour.

Clever me, clever me!

excuse me Mr. Hand, could you please do what your brain tells you?

I have been trying to teach my hand to draw pretty pictures. I haven't been able to practice in a while because I have been so ultra busy with two character illustrations (which I will post later this week).

So what I decided to do was choose an illustrator that I really liked, who had simple illustrations. I found this lady Ally Moon and have now successfully recreated two of her amazing drawings. I am so flippen proud of them.

This first one I called "Ella", i finished her a while ago (see here) and posted about it but the image quality was so rubbish cause I used a camera phone to photograph it. Isn't she so flippen lovely?

This was my next attempt, I finished it on Thursday evening. I dunno quite what to call it yet. Suggestions are welcome. It is my favorite by far.

These are two books I made pretty. The big one is our cook book. It's called "Lovely things to eat". Maybe we'll publish it one day. Heeee. The small one is my note book. I take it everywhere with me. As you can see it's named after my blog because it's basically my blog note book, for ideas that might spring upon me when I am nowhere near a computer. It's totally handy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

did you know, you have a rhino in your hair?

So I am going for a long overdue hair cut tomorrow. I asked Gaz to have a look at some hairstyles he likes and send me pics. This is what he sent me. Funny fella my Gary is.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


wow. muy tummy muscles are sooooore!

flippen WOW okay!

So we went to go and watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Before we went in my mom & I stopped at the Big Blue and she bought us both these amazing lighters. The design is very vintage and feminine. On the side is the designers’ web address. So today I finally flippen remembered to go and have a bit of look see and boy was my head blown right off my flippen shoulders. This lady is unbelievable! I am in love. She makes amazing jewelry and fabric prints and collages and cigarette boxes. Wow. Wow. Wow. Look at this picture she made. I want one…

Here name is ♥♥♥ Michal Negrin ♥♥♥. Go and look!!!

P.S. Prepare to have your brains blown all over you monitor!

extra Sunday & a heart shaped spud

Oh my soul I’m getting old! We went to Aruba for a bit of a patsy on Thursday evening. I just cannot do weeknights. Ga-ross. Thanks bob it was a long weekend and my favourite kind at that - on a Sunday, don’t you find yourself wishing for just one extra day? I do and we so had an extra Sunday this weekend! Thank you ladies! (SA public holiday – Women’s day) We watched so many movies, cooked so much amazing food, ate cupcakes and slept late for 3 days in a row! Here are some photos. Top right; Ky baked scrumptious cupcakes for my little brother Daniel cause he had to have an operation. Bless his soul. Top Left; we had a braai on Sunday and I was getting out some potatoes to make potatoe bake and found this heart-shaped spud. That’s a cactus (see here) and a potatoe I have discovered sporting heart shapes. Bottom Right; a flippen amazing photo of our flippen amazing snakers (sneakers for those who do not speak Jessica). Bottom Left; see through flames from our braai – awesome!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Expediting Expeditions

Desmond EP launch was unspeakably amazing!!!
I even fell over and injured my shin – YOU STUPID GIRL JESSICA ANNE *frowns and wags finger at self*
It was so sore I just couldn’t risk the craziness of Urban Electric. I told the boys, that they should definitely go and have a flippen amazing time!!!
And so they did.

Making funny photographs.

Why don't you come down to the woods today and have yourself a party!

The picture on the right is of Shane and Angie. Shane is from Desmond & the TuTu’s and is married to, pretty lady, Angie who writes my favourite blog Lucky Pony.
The picture on the left is of the guys from Kidofdoom whom Gaz & Ky met whilst car baring it. Life stories were told. *giggels*

Now when you say this in your head you have to be like a very proper English game ranger
And if you look straight a head you will see a Zebra & Giraffe.

They had so so much fun and I so should have gone cause I fell onto my injured shin anyway. My little brother says one minute I was there and then the next I had vanished. I almost pee’d in my pants.