Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ooo, so many adventures to be had!

I love the end of the month. yes i flippen dooooo! especially this end of the month. so many cool times to be had! yess!

On Friday we are finally going to watch Harry Potter and the half blood prince!

On Saturday my bestest estest is getting back from Ibiza!!! WooooHoooo! Stories and photographs!
#3 We are going dancing to my favorite band on planet earth Desmond & the TuTu's on Thursday the 30th for the launch of their new album "____&The____" and my Smelly Melly is so coming with me!

We are going to Urban Electric at the Woods on Saturday 1st August to go and watch Zebra and Giraffe!
I am so getting new boots and pink tights...
No pick sorry but I will post.
I am so flippen excited I feel like I am going to implode!

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Mr Potta said...

New hair, New shoes, lotsa red wine, bands, music, loudness!!!
Hells yeah its going to be super awesome indeed!!!