Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lips that lift at the corners

It’s a mild, midwinter’s morning. I don’t know what the time is. I feel the corners of my lips pull up at this thought. I’m sitting outside, warming myself in the sun on a very comfy chair with the totally chilled melody of the Fleet Foxes in the background. My tummy is gleefully digesting a most scrumptious breakfast of softies and soldiers being washed down by a steaming hot cup of coffee and a cigarette.
I find myself gazing up at the hazy mountains in-between sentences. It is so lovely out here in the sun. I truly wish Gaz had left the camera behind so I could capture this moment. She is so beautiful for a middle-of-winter morning. The grass and most of the other vegetation is dull & brown or burnt black from the earlier veld fires. But ever here and there is this subtle splash of colour, the sort of burnt burgundy bush in the corner of the garden with the bottle green ivy creeping up the fence. Just beyond that the newly sprouting patches of bright green spreading slowly amongst the charred veld. All these teeny, tiny little hints of the life building up to explode from her fertile soils in just a short couple of months – it makes me so incredibly happy inside.
While happily puffing on my cigarette, I ponder upon my beautiful Mellie, and her Craigie, lying under the same sun on a beautiful beach somewhere in, party mecca, Ibiza, recovering from a “One for the books” “Spanish” kind of a jol. I can just see you now, looking utterly fabulous. Those zen pilaties having had the desired effect, beautifully oversized sunnies shading you pretty eyes from the sun. Your lovingly puffing on cigarette after beautiful cigarette. Makes me giggle inside thinking about it. I can almost hear the waves and taste the salty air.
la Mer is calling me.
I think of my beautiful Gaz working his beautiful bottom off, at this very moment, for our future. Seizing his opportunity, forcing those possibilities doors wide open. This morning the possibilities just seem so bright and endless. My lips lift at the corners again. Thank you my beautiful…
And so I end this post, with the corners of my lips lifted into a little smile, feelings of love, happiness and gratitude in my heart that inspired my thoughts to spill onto this page.
I’m just going to nip down to Ky and borrow his camera because this post needs my view. Then a little Harry is definitely in order, lunch at Cindy’s tomorrow. Lovely!
La Mer, flow & lalala

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