Wednesday, July 29, 2009

lusting after lustables

kimono dress
fiona boots
mel back from ibiza
cherry slush puppy
that's all...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ooo, so many adventures to be had!

I love the end of the month. yes i flippen dooooo! especially this end of the month. so many cool times to be had! yess!

On Friday we are finally going to watch Harry Potter and the half blood prince!

On Saturday my bestest estest is getting back from Ibiza!!! WooooHoooo! Stories and photographs!
#3 We are going dancing to my favorite band on planet earth Desmond & the TuTu's on Thursday the 30th for the launch of their new album "____&The____" and my Smelly Melly is so coming with me!

We are going to Urban Electric at the Woods on Saturday 1st August to go and watch Zebra and Giraffe!
I am so getting new boots and pink tights...
No pick sorry but I will post.
I am so flippen excited I feel like I am going to implode!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so fly, you blow mind

all I can do is sigh in utter adoration of this man...
I always prefered you with short hair.
Call me old fashioned if you will?

Lunch at Cindy's

*click image to enlarge*
Great friends.
Chicken in the Weber, roast potatoes, butternut & cabbage.
Red wine that gushed from the bottle like Vic falls.
Most delicious vanilla cup cakes.
The drive home.
Drunken owners harassing their dogs.
Great times?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lips that lift at the corners

It’s a mild, midwinter’s morning. I don’t know what the time is. I feel the corners of my lips pull up at this thought. I’m sitting outside, warming myself in the sun on a very comfy chair with the totally chilled melody of the Fleet Foxes in the background. My tummy is gleefully digesting a most scrumptious breakfast of softies and soldiers being washed down by a steaming hot cup of coffee and a cigarette.
I find myself gazing up at the hazy mountains in-between sentences. It is so lovely out here in the sun. I truly wish Gaz had left the camera behind so I could capture this moment. She is so beautiful for a middle-of-winter morning. The grass and most of the other vegetation is dull & brown or burnt black from the earlier veld fires. But ever here and there is this subtle splash of colour, the sort of burnt burgundy bush in the corner of the garden with the bottle green ivy creeping up the fence. Just beyond that the newly sprouting patches of bright green spreading slowly amongst the charred veld. All these teeny, tiny little hints of the life building up to explode from her fertile soils in just a short couple of months – it makes me so incredibly happy inside.
While happily puffing on my cigarette, I ponder upon my beautiful Mellie, and her Craigie, lying under the same sun on a beautiful beach somewhere in, party mecca, Ibiza, recovering from a “One for the books” “Spanish” kind of a jol. I can just see you now, looking utterly fabulous. Those zen pilaties having had the desired effect, beautifully oversized sunnies shading you pretty eyes from the sun. Your lovingly puffing on cigarette after beautiful cigarette. Makes me giggle inside thinking about it. I can almost hear the waves and taste the salty air.
la Mer is calling me.
I think of my beautiful Gaz working his beautiful bottom off, at this very moment, for our future. Seizing his opportunity, forcing those possibilities doors wide open. This morning the possibilities just seem so bright and endless. My lips lift at the corners again. Thank you my beautiful…
And so I end this post, with the corners of my lips lifted into a little smile, feelings of love, happiness and gratitude in my heart that inspired my thoughts to spill onto this page.
I’m just going to nip down to Ky and borrow his camera because this post needs my view. Then a little Harry is definitely in order, lunch at Cindy’s tomorrow. Lovely!
La Mer, flow & lalala

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I hate Limbo, she’s such a silly bimbo…

This one is especially for you Tanie Poo!

Now the very first job I ever had was running a little flight school at my mom’s company. I worked there for three and half years. It was a boring job but the people were amazing. When the boss was away we used to fool around. Stephen (one of the aircraft salesmen who I also went to school with), Tania (my moms best friend), & I used to get up to all sorts of nonsense. Once I walked into my office and it was a spider web of selotape, I can’t remember the details but somehow Stephen broke the window. I had to take the blame for it cause my mom is the director and I wouldn’t get into to much trouble. He was a shit. He used to chase Tania and me around the office whipping us with dish towels. Tania’s defense mechanism was air freshener! I used to come home with bruises all over my body and Gary would look at me funny and be like “Are you having an affair?” and I’m like “NO! Flippen Stephen tied me to chair today, pushed me around the office and whipped me with a dish towel! With Tania trying, in vain, to protect me with the air freshener! But it was so much fun.”

So anyway, this morning I called my mom to get a telephone number and Tania answered. She’s all like, “SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE?”

I am sorry my faithful seven followers, I’m having a bit of a block at the moment. I am poring all of my energy into a character illustration. It’s the first time I’m doing something like this and it’s a huge learning curve for me. I haven’t really had any formal training in design and am mostly self-taught. It’s taking a lot of my free time because I work an eight to fiver. My creative blogger brain is feeling really strung out and guilty!

There is one post that I have finished writing but I am just waiting for pictures. I also thought I should do a few short posts before I post it because it’s really long. I just can’t find anything that’s particularly inspiring at the mo. Sad I know. But creativity comes in waves for me. All my other projects are sitting in Limbo. I have a drawing to finish, the fore mentioned post, my vintage bicycle and the “shhhh it’s a secret” project. All need creativity which I am lacking in truck loads!

So here’s what I’m gonna do to sate your thirsty eyes. Being Brazen, a blog I follow (especially cause she loves shoes as much as I do) does these “it’s for you…” posts, where she posts questions with her answers and then readers copy the questions and give their answers in the comment section. I think it’s awesome. I’m gonna call my version:

You ask strange questions, yes you do…

1. If you could be anything in the whole world (mythical creatures included of course), what would you be?
Without a doubt a lady of la mer, in other words a mermaid.
Or I wouldn’t mind being a Stephenie Meyer Vampire. That way I could spend the rest of eternity with my love, I would have so much time to get things done and I could swim under water cause Vamp’s don’t need to breath. Yess.

2. What makes you blush?
I always blush when people compliment me on my appearance. I really hate compliments like that but I love them at the same time

3. What’s you favorite flavor cup cake?
Depends on my mood. Chocolate or Vanilla Choc Chip

4. How do you express your self creatively?
Well I have many outlets. I am teaching myself to draw.
We paint. Ky, Gaz & I put on The Shins and Ky teaches us cool techniques.
I do a lot of photo editing and print them on canvas and frame ‘em for friends and family. I dance. Not any particular genera just free styling it around my living room. Love to dance.

5. Do you have a theme song?

Hells Yeah, like a million! The one at the mo goes a like this.
Excuse me for staring
Your G-string is tearing
Your boobs are humongous
They’re growing like fungus
So kiss me
Kiss me
Strawberry lips!

6. What are you reading at the moment?
I am on the fifth Harry Potter – “The order of the Phoenix” I started it yesterday. I must say that I was battling a bit in the beginning with the first two books because they are “young”. The third on, “The prisoner of Azkaban” really sucked me in. It starts to get really dark from there on out.

7. What is the one song that makes you do the jumping-dance around your living room?
At the moment, I would have to say Desmond & the TuTu’s, “Pictures”. Flap that song makes my flippen feet so effing happy!

8. Where do, or what makes you feel totally at one with yourself and mother earth?
This might sound a bit, I dunno… fudged up, but when I am sitting on a beach watching and listening to the waves, it makes me feel, not only peaceful and at home, but sort of insignificant. Like no matter what is going on in my life good or bad the waves will always crash onto the beach, the fish still go about their daily business, the sun will always set and give rise to the moon. It all keeps on going without any thought or reaction to the things we go through on a day to day basis. It reminds me of what a short time we have on this beautiful planet and not to linger on negative things but to keep moving like the waves.

9. One good quality & one bad quality?
Good - I love full heartedly
Bad - I am so critical of myself and everyone in my life.

10. Tell me your big dream?
The dream is to have my own furniture/everything manufacturing company with a really pretty shop to show case and sell my stuff as well as other designers. I won’t stock just furniture but everything cool; shoes, cup cakes, linen, clothes, furniture, art…
I am a British citizen and since London is the design capital of the world I really want a shop their too. That way I can bring European design here and South African design there. Who knows maybe New York and Japan? I have such a cool name for my shop but I’m not telling till I’ve registered it, so no-one can steel it.
I want my company to embody beauty and quality of life.

You don’t have to comment but, I won’t lie, that would be amazing!
Ok So I hope your eyes are sated.
La Mer, Flow & La La La Adventurers

Monday, July 6, 2009

don't mess with my cowboy boots

On Friday evening we, Kyle, Stirring & I, all piled into Ky’s car and set off for Dyke’s house for a bit of patsy. Gary was having drinks with his new work colleges and met us there when he was done. We braaied (if you’re not South African, a braai is a BBQ), talked, laughed and got jolly on our individual poisons, mine being the RED, mmm mmm.

I love red wine, especially in winter. It warms you from the inside out and makes you very happy. Now if you know me, when I have a few in me, I can get a little wild. My inner child chooses to show herself...

So we decided to leave because everyone else was going to Bill the Bum’s. You wouldn’t catch me dead. No ways. I have a total thing about going out to places that dictate what you must wear. Plus these places always contain highly muscled angry JOCKS! Urrgg.

The Boys were hungry and wanted McDonalds so we all pulled in, in our various states of “jolly”. It was 11.30 and they were just getting ready to close the inside for the night. It comes our turn to order. The lady behind the counter greets us and off I go. Crikey you can’t take me anywhere.

I asked the lady behind the counter if she wanted to hear my rap song. She said yes. So I gave it my all. This was going to be my best performance ever! I was doing my little dance rapping my rap song and the lady behind the counter just cut me off half way through. She said she didn’t like my rap song.

WoooWooo. That’s is just something you do not say to a Jessica who has 2 bottles of red wine in her and is rapping you her rap song! I told that stupid, ungrateful lady behind the counter, I told her good and proper! I was like ‘BITCH PLEASE, HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE MY RAP SONG? I DON’T LIKE YOU EITHER AND I’M NOT ORDERING ANYTHING FROM THIS STUPID McDONALDS! IF I WERE YOU I WOLDN’T MESS WITH A LADY WHO’S WEARING COWBOY BOOTS. COWBOYS DON’T EFF AROUND YO! YOU SUCK, MY RAP SONG ROCKS!”

Sometimes I feel really sorry for my boys. They are forever having to smooth things over with the people I give hell to, jolly or not jolly. Thank you my favorite boys. Thank you a lot! But in all fairness to me, if a girl with blond bushy hair wearing cowboy boots walked up to me and was like, “Do you wanna hear my rap song?”, I would so be like, “Flippen hells yeah lady!”. I would get down and do a little dance with her and if I knew the words I would sing along and maybe even propose we do a duet.

I really don’t like that lady behind the counter. No I do not!