Wednesday, June 17, 2009

yes please

What an awesome weekend. yip yip. Do you know why it was an awesome weekend? Because it was a public holiday on Tuesday and we all got Monday off as well. Four day weekend YES-FLIPPEN-PLEASE! We watched a lot of DVD's. Gaz & I made a huge pot of veggie soup, mmm the goodness of wegitables. We all so perfected our cup cake recipe. They were the BEST cup cakes I have ever eaten or made - vanilla with strawberry and chocolate butter icing - so light and fluffy, melt in your mouth yummy. Oh wow. I will post a photo with the recipe tomorrow. I hope, u hope, we all flippen hope. You better get on that Lady Timez, otherwise all the people will be hoping for nothing & u hate nothing. On Monday we went to fetch my latest canvas from the printers and then ran around getting odds and sods. We framed our pictures and were so dam encited that we drove all the way to Pretoria to give them to their new owners. (I did one for Nina Ballerina's birthday, Gazza's mom’s birthday and I owed the Smellerz on for her birthday last year. What a bad bestest-estest. Tisk tisk. Well I didn’t like the original one I made & couldn't make up my mind so I asked the Smellerz and she told me what she wanted. I printed it them. I have only framed one and given it to her. The other one is just waiting a frame. My pocket can only do so much you know. Nins adores hers. The Smellerz almost exploded. Gazza's mom will get hers this weekend. Totally amped. She's gonna flippen love this one. It's amazing.) We chilled and played kings and I rapped a song the whole night. Mels neighbors weren’t so interested when we dropped in on them at some ungodly hour on Tuesday evening. I can't fathom that. I mean who doesn't wanna hear a live flippen rap song. c'mmon guys, it's the rap of all raps and I can do it really fast with hand movements too, no lies. OK so that was the four day weekend adventure. It was fun.
La Mer and Flow and La La La adventurous adventurers.


Mel said...

I had an amazing adventure with lady times!


Mel said...

sorry.... lady timez!!!!!!!