Monday, June 1, 2009

One hundered thousand volts Amped!

What a weekend. flippen great. loved it. no lies. On Friday afternoon we had this grand opening of a new company to attend and our company name to up hold. Chamy and I got hellishly jolly and, I am rather proud to announce, help our companies name high. We left at seven.
Saturday we went to Paul's birthday at News Cafe and saw everyone. That was great. I didn't wanna let Mellie Poo go. Nope I did NOT! We were home pretty early and passed out on the couch by 11.
Sunday was such a lazy day. We ate a lot of munchies and watch flippen funny movies, "Mamma's Boy" & "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".
So the big news for me is that the official New Moon trailer is out. Check out this link. Flipp I am so amped - one hundered thousand volts amped. ja boet, I can't wait.

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