Wednesday, June 17, 2009

vivaciously Frank.

This, my peeps, is my sista from another mista. Heee. No china from another vigina. Pfffft. We were naughty and had many adventures together through our high school years and after. Now she is a mother of two and denies herself her god given gift. Which, to me, is to deny your very self. She is a flippen awesome writer and is probably the reason i passed high school. No lies. To often to count i hadn't completed my history homework and my teacher would kick me out of class to do it. Every time Frank would say she hadn't done hers either, mean while she had, and get kicked out with me so she could help me finish. She tutored me for finials and for that I am eternally grateful. Frank is extremely intelligent and witty and sharp and pretty and naughty naughty and just plain brilliant. i could go on forever. Now that i have discovered this amazing world of blogging I couldn't help but MAKE her naughty bottom start her own blog. Now she can write her words and everyone can see. I effing effing love you. madly. Please follow her blog. You will not be disappointed. PROMISE.

1 comment:

Mel said...

you've made me all encited.

Frank if you read this... you do write like a flowing river. a frek funny flowing river.

No pressure.