Monday, June 22, 2009

Twenty Two + Twenty Two = one hellava lotta fun

This is my most awesome other mother. Isn’t she lovely. It was her birthday on Friday and we were all invited round for a bit of a cocktail hour. Well lots longer than just one hour. I always love seeing Gary’s parents. They are such a patsy. We gave her her pressie. She was showing everyone the whole night, making me blush a lot. I am really chuffed she loves it so. Yip yip.

Here are some moments in time.
Look at Gary and his Oupa right at the end. Oupa took his teeth out for that photo. Love, love, love it! Heeeey? What a flippen awesome Oupa.

the windows to out souls… rather jolly souls at this point. hehe.

Check it out. Dancing the dance to Abba. The Oom en sy Ma. Flippen classic.

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