Thursday, June 25, 2009

sushi for beginners

So tonight Gaz & I have been invited to go and watch the soccer at our favorite friends, Craig & Mel.
Gaz & Craig have been best friends since they were in primary school. Inseparably causing havoc where ever they may go.
Gaz & I finally hooked up in the November of 2002, Craig and Mel the January of 2003. The girlfriends were introduced. We hit it off but soon after roomer’s starter circulating that Mel was flirting with every one of Craig’s friends. I was like the audacity! And we didn’t see them for a like two years after that.
Then we saw each other at some social gathering and again got on like a house on fire, the fire being fuel by propane gas. Explosive. I change the opinion I had formed in my head of “this girl who was flirting with all these boys” very quickly. Mel is just the most loveable person you will ever meet and extremely affectionate. I can see how someone may misconstrue this as being flirtatious when they first meet her. But when you do get to know her you realize very quickly how loyal and utterly committed she is to Craig. Everyone L. O. V. E – loves her. She taught me a great lesson. Never listen to what other people say. Form your own opinions. Mel is my best friend in the whole world. We have the greatest times together and its never as much fun if she isn’t there.
I sent her an e-mail yesterday and got no reply. I didn’t really think much of it because she works uber hard and hates even taking personal phone calls while she is at work. Then I text her in the evening and there was just something about her reply that made the intuition every woman owns switch into overdrive. You know that you are inexplicable connected to someone when you can pick feelings up off of text messages that would otherwise seem pretty normal to anyone else. I asked her if there was something wrong and it turns out this beautiful girl ran a little doggie over. Needless to say she is very traumatized. I told her that accidents are 98.8% unpreventable and that she is a great human for making sure the little doggie got to vet. He is fine and reunited with his owner.
We weren’t going to go tonight because Gaz has just started a new job and is trying to put in a lot of extra hours. Craig called Gaz this morning and made a bargain with him so we are going. I am very pleased about this because now I can give my beautiful friend a great big squeeze and cheer her up. And I have a game plan. Yes I do. How do you know me? The over planning Virgo. Everything down to a T.
Of late I have become rather addicted to suuuushi. I couldn’t understand the hype. Gaz would always be CRAVING it like a pregnant woman craves peanut butter and watermelon sandwiches at 3am. He got me to try it and BOOM – addicted. Have you notice how happy you get after eating sushi? Flip it’s like a serotonin overload. I dare say even better that eating a slab of Lindt. Well Mel doesn’t eat sushi. I know why. The idea of raw fish and seaweed isn’t really so appetizing to those who are sushi virgins. I was exactly the same. She did promise me though that she would try and try she will tonight.
So sushi for beginners:
Avo & cucumber maki, california rolls and fashion sandwiches. Plain and simple. NO raw fish. I must say I am not a fan of the fish and can’t eat the crab and prawn because I am highly allergic to shell fish. Stick to what you know and trust, that’s what I say. I will be armed with a bit of green, cause I know she loves it, a bottle of red (which Mel got me hooked on) and maybe some chocolate just for added punch. We will play 30 seconds and sit in her room and watch the huge TV, maybe Sex and the City cause she loves it.
We will giggle and gossip, play the game with Max & Luke and just be the silly girls.
I flippen ♥ you Smellershe Schloapsher! Yes I do.

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Mel said...

I love you more than anything in the world.