Wednesday, June 3, 2009


me⋅di⋅o⋅cre – adjective
1.of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
2.rather poor or inferior.

Love Hunt by Fiona Walker. I am afraid to say that Jilly and Stephenie have spoiled me for life. I found that I could put it down, I could take a break, it took a while to read BUT it served its purpose because if you are anything like me, you can not be without a book no matter how mediocre. I did enjoy the love story and happy ending but then you compare it to Edward & Bella, Rupert & Taggie, Lysander & Kitty, Viking & Abby, Ian & Wanderer, Jarred & Mel - there is just NO comparison. Two things I did LOVE was Trudy finding her soul again, that was nice & I love the lady's hot pink velvet shoes on the cover. HOT PINK!
Sorry Fiona. You win some, you loose some - plus I don't think my opinion is really gonna effect you "Best Seller". Thank you for you words.

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Mel said...

Ha ha!

I went shopping on Saturday, and made the fatal mistake of walking into Exclusive Books. I found myself drawn to one specific book, and then walking out with it (obviously paid first). It looks intense, it's like a thriller, drama... you'll see soon, and then you can read it, ok?