Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ladies of la mer

If you know me then you know my obsession. flip i wish i was a mermaid. Today i was surfing, as usual, and decided to have a gander at my favorite mermaid artist's page to see if there was anything new. And low and behold she's done it on colour. NOOOOOO-WAAAAYYYYYYS! They are both amazing. This is my favorite mermaid picture of all time. Its rather appropriately named "Motherhood" originally done in pencil, now in colour. How am I ever gonna choose between the two? They are both amazing. I think one day when I'm big I will have to order both prints. The artists name is Selina Fenech and she does all kinds of fantasy art. my personal favorites are her mermaids and her goddesses. check her out on: http://www.selinafenech.com/

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Mel said...

This so absolutely fantastically fabulous.