Friday, June 19, 2009

Gonzo for Twilight - Yip Yip

So one of my daily reads:, posed a question of what song’s should go on the New Moon sound track. -
I really wanted to leave a comment but it just wont let me. Flippen irriumtating!

Here’s what my comment would have been:

I have the perfect song for Breaking Dawn. When Bella is unconscious and burning. They are a South African band called Gonzo Republic. The song is called “Not Sleeping” (track No. 8) and is off their album “I’m ok you’re ok”. They are one of my fav bands. I’ve been lucky enough to see them live and they blew my head right off my shoulders. This song is everything “TWILIGHT”. Listen to the lyrics. I think I had just finished Breaking Dawn when I realized. Gaz & I were on our way to the Spar listening to Gonzo, as we had a thousand times before, and track No. 8 comes on and the lyrics just flippen hit home for me. I got the hugest lump in my throat and had to stop singing. I really want to send someone a link to their my space page. It’s like it was meant to be. Just look at their website, they even have the Twilight colours. I could try and contact Stephenie but does she really have that much influence over the sound track?

I will post this link in her comment thingy and hope that she will read it.

Any suggestions of how I can get this song to someone who will seriously consider it for the sound track? Not necessarily the New Moon sound track, anyone will do!

Gonzo Website:
Gonzo My Space:

I really need to find the flippen lyrics. I have googled and come up with zip. I’m gonna have to sit and listen and write this weekend.

To do list:

Cup Cake Pics & recipe
Gonzo Lyrics

Oh and today is Gazza’s moms bday so we are going to give her her pressie tonight. Flip I am so encited guys.

Have an absolutely fan-tab-u-lista-astic naweek - that’s weekend in Afrikaans - !

Peace, I'm out!!!

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